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Svetoslav Kantardzhiev invites to talk about fashion and style

5Coco Chanel had said that fashion changes but style endures. In my view, it could be added that every modern woman, being interested to look good, aims to be fashionable but always stylish, choosing clothes, bag, shoes, accessories, haircut etc.
It is difficult, is not it?
In fact, not at all because media, related to lifestyle and fashion, help a lot in that case. They teach the freshman to be esthetical sensitive and navigate the master fashioner in the global fashion world, informing about the latest news and events.
As a first-hand experience, I strongly recommend Biograph magazine to all who are excited not just in annual fashion tendencies but also in fashion asa lifestyle. Everyone can find smart and stylish ideas in the magazine. The Marketing Director, Mr. Svetoslav Kantardzhiev, says that spring is a great „excuse. to change your wardrobe.
Our favourite clothes give us confidence but also they are a way of self-expression. Not surprisingly, business communications experts always underline that clothing is a key point in nonverbal communication.
So my advice, dears, is to be loyal to your style because each of you is unique. At the same time, do not forget that you should be always fashionable in order to step confidently and with a smile.

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